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Shared Loneliness



Nelly Agassi

Gibran Mevlana Flanders
Jaclyn Mednicov
Melissa Leandro
Lou Mallozzi
Kamau A. Patton
Anna Wolfe Pauly
Elizabeth Moylan
Efrat Hakimi
Óscar I González Díaz
Thomas Rainey Moore
Rohan Ayinde Smith
Jan Tichy

Failed Masquerade​


Claire Ashley
Minami Kobayashi
Kelly Kaczynski
Assaf Evron
Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen
Ed Oh
Theo Chin
Willy Smart
David Heo
Solomon Salim Moore
David James Hall

Latex Towel


What Is Pen Incest?

Based on the exquisite corpse tradition, Pen Incest publication takes the shape of an itinerant sketchbook that offers a playful creative platform and collaboration. Curated by the artists Samir Nahas and Dana Nechmad the book is a call to challenge the speed of a conversation by returning to the pace of a postcard, a visual conversation. 

In The Press

How Does It Works?

  • Each edition is centered around one location. (The first two were in Chicago, then L.A.)

  • We invite a group of local artists from different fields and backgrounds

  • Each edition is given a title 

  • Participating artists are given the sketchbook for one week and full freedom to create within its limits whatever they like

  • After one week, the local facilitator documents the changes and then passes the sketchbook off to the next participant

  • After all the artists have contributed, the cycle is repeated

  • The documentation is compiled and made into a publication, along with an exhibition of the original object


Contact Us!

For any inquiries, please contact Dana Nechmad or Samir Nahas at:

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